Mathieu Mencé

Web Graphics &
Fullstack Engineer

Sydney, AU


I am a French-Caribbean Fullstack Engineer living permanently in Sydney Australia and currently working at The Monkeys. currently working at MYOB

Here, with my React and PixiJs skills I'm helping planting trees by coding a website that creates awareness to get koalas 🐨 better homes!
Here, I am part of a feature team that is working on a ReactJS C# Dotnet Core stack in a microservices architecture where we're enabling New Zealand taxes to be "filed" in the cloud 🌥️.

I've studied analogue and digital electronics and really enjoy the low-level of things. I've been coding since high school and professionally since 2010, after landing my first job in Toronto Canada as a Junior Flash Developer.

Data to Pixels/Texels is the side I'm interested in, that's why I spend time studying graphics shader programming and design principles to eventually make stuff "look good" and "feel good" 😅.