Mathieu Mencé

Web Graphics &
Fullstack Engineer

Sydney, AU


I am a French-Caribbean Web Graphics and Fullstack Engineer residing in Sydney, Australia. I've been coding since high school and professionally since 2010, after landing my first job in Toronto Canada as a Junior Flash Developer.

Currently, I am a Software Engineer at Neuron. My role includes the development and maintenance of React/TypeScript microservices hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Previously, I was part of a special project team at MYOB, where we worked on a ReactJS C# Dotnet Core stack in a micro-services architecture for the New Zealand feature of MYOB's online accounting software.

I've studied both analogue and digital electronics to feed my interest in the granular aspects of software engineering.

A key driver in my work is to make functional software that looks and feels good to use. I have a keen eye for design and functionality, and my interest in Data to Pixels/Texels led me to study graphics shader programming and design principles in my spare time.

I have additional skills in current industry coding standards (Babel, ES Modules, ESNext ), React (TailwindCSS, Next.js), knowledge in WebGL 2.0 and shader programming alongside libs such as Three.js, Pixi.js, GSAP for web graphics development, and experience in NodeJS and Dotnet core backend.